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Results for Sandhurst 2018/19 are provisional. This means that the results have all been entered but there may still be mistakes present and the results should not yet be considered as official, full, final, approved, certified, audited and so on. If you notice any errors please contact your club rep directly - they can then collate queries to send to the organising club. Thanks!

Detail Results 'Sandhurst 2018/19' - 25th November 2018. Team 'Finch Coasters' Only.

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Results in bold contribute towards the team score.

Category: M = Male, F = Female, S = Senior, V = Vet, K = No Club Kit, G = Guest.

700:33:17FCJames CraggsMS6-
3400:36:55FCEnda WardMV33-
3900:37:05FCMatt BondMS38-
4300:37:15FCMatt YarnallMV42-
4900:37:54FCAlan HutchinsonMS47-
6000:39:11FCDave JonesMS58-
7900:41:08FCJohn HammondMV74-
8900:41:57FCSimon MercerMV84-
15700:46:09FCRob TuckMV129-
16200:46:22FCRachel ThackeryFV-26
17400:46:52FCMandy McDonoughFV-30
18800:47:34FCAlex MercerFS-37
19100:47:40FCSteve KelleherMV148-
19400:47:53FCPaul JenkinsMV150-
20400:48:38FCAndy SurpliceMV158-
20800:48:56FCHannah KilbyFS-42
21300:49:13FCLaura ShambrookFV-44
21700:49:23FCBeata DalalFS-45
28200:53:58FCClaire BullFS-72
30200:55:31FCMeena ThathuFV-83
30800:56:07FCFiona LoverdosFV-88
31800:57:58FCEmma HillFS-93
31900:57:59FCRussell HillMS220-
33300:59:41FCRocio IbanezFS-103
33600:59:47FCLouise HutchinsonFV-106

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