Reading roadrunners - 14 Jan 2018, 11am

Reading Roadrunners are looking forward to welcoming you to their new venue of:

Ashenbury Park
RG5 4RS.

Please do not attempt to reach the venue via Charvil ford, this is not a shortcut even if Sat Nav says so.

The course is 3 laps (2 long & 1 short) on grass and woodlands of 5.8 miles around Ashenbury park and the woodlands of Aldermoors nature reserve. It is suitable for spikes.

From the car park situated in Waingels school, Waingels road RG5 4RF, there is a short walk (5/7min) to the race HQ, the toilets and the start.

The start being in the vicinity of a playground please refrain from using the bushes, instead use the toilets and urinal provided on Ashenbury car park.

We will be using finishing tokens for this race, please return these to your club rep.

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Blue Shoes Photograph © Jakob Larsen.