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Detail Results 'Metros 2017/18' - 8th October 2017. Team 'Metros' Only.

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Results in bold contribute towards the team score.

Category: M = Male, F = Female, S = Senior, V = Vet, K = No Club Kit, G = Guest.

600:39:18METRon TaylorMV6-
5000:44:56METJames KerraneMS49-
6400:46:42METKevin SmartMV59-
6500:46:43METJohn NorrisMS60-
9000:49:13METTian HollingsheadMS79-
10000:49:39METMike MorrisMV84-
10300:49:42METJag MatharuMV85-
11000:50:00METLuca Ghai MatharuMS90-
13800:51:56METTony WatsonMV107-
13900:52:11METKyle HollingsheadMS108-
20000:57:57METJim BuchlandMV140-
21400:59:27METMark MulvennaMV146-
24601:04:37METTerry BurkeMV160-
26101:07:13METHitesh PatelMV168-
27001:09:33METJasia ZimmermannFV-93
28301:12:22METCarole LloydFV-99
28501:14:04METRaquel Russell-PonteFV-101
29001:15:53METCarole WellsFV-105
29501:27:33METKath DonaldsonFV-108

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