Individual Results

Results for Bracknell Forest 2019/20 are provisional. This means that the results have all been entered but there may still be mistakes present and the results should not yet be considered as official, full, final, approved, certified, audited and so on. If you notice any errors please contact your club rep directly - they can then collate queries to send to the organising club. Thanks!

Individual Results For Mick Driver.

Results in bold contributed towards the team score.

Category: M = Male, F = Female, S = Senior, V = Vet, K = No Club Kit, G = Guest.

Metros 2019/2006.10.201918500:49:56BJMV148-
Tadley 2018/1920.01.201921700:48:56BJMV174-
Datchet 2018/1911.11.201825700:47:35BJMV202-
Reading Roadrunners 2018-1928.10.201821300:44:43BJMV168-
TVT 2018/201921.10.201818300:45:15BJMV145-
Metros 2018/1907.10.201814500:48:55BJMV116-
Tadley 2017/1821.01.201818600:52:57BJMV134-
Reading Roadrunners 2017-1814.01.201826300:50:23BJMV201-
Datchet 2017/1812.11.201721900:45:56BJMV170-
TVT 2016/201705.02.201723500:50:41BJMV178-
Tadley 2016/201722.01.201718100:47:52BJMV146-
Bracknel Forest Runners 2016/201715.01.201726300:53:02BJMV200-
Handy Cross 2016/201704.12.201620000:48:32BJMV160-
Don't Use13.11.201624700:45:32BJMV201-
Datchet Dashers 2016/1713.11.201624700:45:32BJMV201-
TVT 2015/201607.02.201619500:47:23BJMV153-
Tadley 2015/201624.01.201614800:47:17BJMV119-
Bracknel Forest Runners 2015/201617.01.201621900:50:44BJMV166-
Sandhurst 2015/201622.11.201526100:44:09BJMV211-
Datchet 2015/201615.11.201530300:47:49BJMV222-
TVT 2014/201501.02.201519700:44:56BJMV161-
Bracknel Forest Runners 2014/201518.01.201517500:48:08BJMV143-
Tadley 2014/201511.01.201517400:48:24BJMV141-
Reading 2014/201521.12.201421400:40:52BJMV153-
Metros 2014/201514.12.201415500:52:04BJMV127-
Handy Cross 2014/201530.11.201421400:48:37BJMV167-
Sandhurst 2014/201523.11.201425100:44:21BJMV199-
Datchet 2014/201509.11.201422000:45:40BJMV174-
Thames Valley Tri 2 February 201402.02.201414900:38:18BJMV119-
Bracknel Forest Runners 19th Jan 201419.01.201419700:49:03BJMV154-
Tadley 2013/201412.01.201422400:42:56BJMV179-
Reading 2013/201422.12.201319600:40:42BJMV150-
Handy Cross 2013/201408.12.201319900:48:33BJMV155-
Handy Cross 2012/201309.12.201224600:53:36BJMV187-
Finch Coasters 201123.01.201120500:50:19BJMV148-

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