Individual Results

Individual Results For Steve Roberts.

Results in bold contributed towards the team score.

Category: M = Male, F = Female, S = Senior, V = Vet, K = No Club Kit, G = Guest.

Handy Cross 2017/1803.12.20173500:38:00HXMV34-
Metros 2016/201729.01.20172800:37:34HXMV27-
Handy Cross 2016/201704.12.20163500:37:24HXMV34-
Tadley 2015/201624.01.20162100:37:23HXMV21-
Handy Cross 2015/2015629.11.20153000:37:42HXMV28-
Sandhurst 2015/201622.11.20154900:34:55HXMV48-
Reading 2014/201521.12.20143500:31:46HXMV31-
Bracknell Forest 2012/201324.02.20131300:36:07HXMV13-
Handy Cross 2012/201309.12.20121600:36:47HXMV16-
Bracknell Forest 201222.01.20121600:37:38HXMV16-
Tadley Runners 201208.01.20121100:34:18HXMV11-
Reading Roadrunners 201118.12.20112200:38:28HXMV21-
Handy Cross 201111.12.20111900:37:04HXMV18-
Sandhurst 201127.11.20112600:33:13HXMV25-
Metros 201130.10.20112100:37:06HXMV20-
Datchet 201014.11.20103300:36:32HXMV30-
Metros 201028.02.2010900:38:05HXMV9-
Finch Coasters 201024.01.20102000:35:34HXMV19-
Datchet 200908.11.20092500:36:52HXMV24-
Finch Coasters 200925.01.20091600:35:52HXMV15-
Tadley Runners 200911.01.20091400:34:24HXMV14-
Bracknell Forest 200814.12.20083000:39:02HXMV27-

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